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Start your own business

Start your own business!


Now we have hard times. The economy remains depressed. Many of us are looking for a way to earn some money. The paintball industry as well as many other industries has suffered from crisis too. However it remains very popular kind of entertainment especially among people of young generation. And of course there is plenty of room for new small paintball businesses all over Baltic States as well.


And speaking about a paintball as a business it can be a perfect source of income. You can get started and earn yourself a bit of extra income by renting paintball equipment and by organizing games without having to invest a lot of money.


We offer help in your paintball business organisation from a choice and purchase of equipment, arrangement of playing fields and to training your staff. We will offer free training for our partners in cooperation and teach all the necessary things about maintaining and cleaning paintball markers.

We invite you to become not only our customer but our business partner. The only thing you need to do is just contact us.

Certainly, we cannot guarantee success of your business. It depends only on you. But as to our partner we will help you to make it successful and:

  • To escape possible beginner's mistakes and problems in this business

  • To train (free of charge) your personnel - instructors and technicians

  • To offer the long-term program of joint cooperation (placing of advertising and information, organizing events together, help with an additional equipment on your big events etc.)

  • Consultations and advices to any questions of paintball business such as creation of playing fields, arranging the games or tournaments etc.

  • Constant and best wholesale prices, not depending on a purchase volume

  • Flexible system of discounts and the best prices on paintballs

  • Technical support and consultations

  • And finally to show you an easy way to get into paintball business


And the most important thing that we are here close to you not somewhere overseas!

Just contact us!


Phone : +371 26485555



Speaking about purchase of equipment we have assembled a few starter sets to help you start your business. There are simple and very cheap rental sets and very reliable and qualitative as well. We also have some amount of used equipment. Please ask we could help you to choose the proper equipment.