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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We welcome players not only locally from around the Latvia, but also from as far away as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. Many of our guests are returning customers who find it convenient to use Riga Airport to reach us.

Our aim is to provide you with a day out that's not only great fun, but importantly great value as well.

Just have fun, we'll do all the rest...

Below we've listed just some of the reasons why we think you'd choose us over other paintball providers.


Top reasons to choose our Paintball Park JUGLAND.

  1. Excellent location

    Just 25-30 minutes trip driving from Riga's Old Town you get in tremendous place of wild nature on beautiful river bank. The paintball fields are all within convenient walking distance from our parking area and customer facilities. Free parking too!

  2. The superb paintball arena's

    Our superb paintball arena's are widely accepted as the best in the Baltics offering challenging games for both novice paintballers to seasoned professionals.

    Paintball Park JUGLAND has 12 action packed outdoor authentic game zones spread over approx. 11 ha (30 acres) with terrain varying from dense jungle fields to desert warfare along with the movie set type paintball fields which add to the fantasy as if you're in a paintball...

  3. Professional Design

    Explore the amazing movie-set quality game zones with true paintball fields created by paintball players and for paintball players. Playing fields are designed with real military trucks, all constructions and obstacles are well done especially for the game in military style. Came and enjoy it.

  4. Your comfort

    Paintball Park JUGLAND is the only paintball centre in Latvia with comfortable indoor changing rooms, heated showers, locker-rooms and facilities for your comfort. After the game it is possible to have rest right on the spot by the river in Guest House - timber blockhouse with total area of 70 m2 on the very riverside, with a cosy hearth room, firewood baths and restrooms.

  5. Bar and food

    After the game relax with a drink from our snack-bar, order food, or go to sauna.

    Ready at hand there is a snack-bar where you are able to buy drinks, beer, sandwiches, chips and other snacks.

    We have the sheds by the river equiped with grills and places for fire. You can use them after your paintball session to have BBQ. Also there is a possibility, provided you have preliminary order, to invite catering cafe, organize a banquet or BBQ. Professional video & photo operator is ready to shoot your game on video, upon the condition of preliminary order as well.

  6. Affordable pricing

    While providing the best in paintball combat you might expect us to be expensive! But by having a high customer return rate we've proven that we can make money by giving a superior service and keep our charges low, that in turn draws our guests back time and time again. Prices starts from just 12 EUR. We are also providing you with totally transparent pricing without additional, unexpected "extras". There are NO catches. Besides that we are offering different discounts or special packages.

  7. Equipment

    High quality and well-groomed paintball equipment. You will never claim on dirt non shooting gun or old weeping goggles. Our skilled techs provide full service and cleanliness of the equipment.

  8. Staff

    Our well trained and friendly staff is always ready to help you. We sure speak English with our English speaking customers.

  9. Experience

    More than 16-year successful experience of continuous work in paintball.

  10. Open 24 hours a day 7-day a week all year round

    We arrange games any time you want. We also can play in rain, frost or snow. Just call us (+371) 2 648 5555

Having fun is what we do...