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Our playing fields

Kanzas City - unique playground stylized as a small town in the Wild West. Everything as in Westerns with all corresponding attributes - buildings like Saloon, the Sheriff, Bank, Prison, Mail etc... (8 quite big buildings, from which 5 have second floor), set of decorative elements recreating an atmosphere of the Wild West at the end of 19th century - wooden vehicles and wheels, flanks, jute bags, carretes for horses, straw, etc... It's doubtless, this platform is the most interesting paintball field in Europe. There are surely no analogs.

The new paintball field!

"Forbidden Zone. Object Nr.13"

Forbidden Zone. Object Nr.13 - is a new paintball field,which is a complex of buildings, vehicles, fortifications, 6-meter wachtower, piles of weapons crates and barrels. Simulates a secret facility/military base.Perfect for tactical or recreational games.

Drop Zone - is an entertaining field, imitating a small frontline village in the woodland. Bunkers, bridges, fortresses, huts...

Forts - two impregnable timbered fortesses "Fort West" and "Fort East" on the tops of the hills.

Front City - town with constructions, streets, blockposts, sandbags and automobiles.

Vietnam Village - a platform settles along the river, with huts simulating a small settlement in tropics.

Forest Bastion - a field at the bottom of a hill, in wood. On a slope there is a bastion with 8 meter tower and strengthenings, and also trenches, entrenchments, timbered shelters and block posts.

Omaha-Beach - simulates a shore at American armie landings in Normandy. It has trenches, dugouts, pillboxes, wire and anti-tank obstacles. Have You seen a movie "Save Private Ryan"? Played "Medal of Honor"? Feel it yourself!

The Pass - it settles down in lowland between hills along the wood road limited by blockhouses. The territory of the field is covered by impassable thrickets.

Ranch - playground, styilized as a farm, rounded by a river with coresponding structures, bridges, fences etc.

Barrels - paintball field with lots of obstacles/barrels.

Forest - field with a various lie of the ground in the woodland with additional covers.

Speedball - a small playground with barrels and covers.

Airball - standart sportsfield Sup'Airball for playing in teams of 5, 19 inflatable covers.