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(For international customers)


Dear customer, please hold with any payment steps, until you receive a message from our sales person, containing necessary information about your order. The payment and delivery are exclusively based on the order confirmation. The prices stated in the order confirmation are agreed. The message which you will receive immediately after sending your order is automatically generated system reply, which confirms that your order was successfully received only. Sometimes it may happen that some ordered items are out of stock, so we have to check accessibility first. This will precede many possible further complications and save your time and money. You should receive the message within two days after sending your order. Then if ordered items are available and delivery costs are got you will get the invoice. The invoice can be paid in several ways:

  • By bank transfer in EUR. Please use details below for wire transfer. As soon as we get your payment the order will be dispatched.

  • By credit card online using local online payment system e-LS (more info on

  • By any other way agreed with our sales person (cash etc.)


All prices incl. VAT plus transportation.


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We are going through an update phase on this website. We are updating with new items, removing old items and having a general sort out so please bear with us.


Thank you for your patience!