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Guest house with bath


  Guest house with russian bath in "Jugland" park.


 Guest House - 2-floor wooden house with a fireplace and table for 20 people 2 rest rooms on the 2nd floor (7 beds), Russian bath which is powered by the stove feeded by wooden bricks,shower, toilet, TV.
From the bath to the river lead steps.
The territory of the Guest House is fenced with a wicker fence.
Territory which is near to the river has has a large canopy with a table and benches for approx.40 people with a large BBQ and fireplace. Also it got small playground with swings. Here you can play football (gates are available), paintball, volleyball, fishing for trout in the river.

 Guest house is located in a very beautiful place near to the Maza Jugla river near Riga -
just 25 minutes by car from the center.

Guest house with a Russian bath  and large canopy near to the river:

50.00 EUR
- first 2 hours
10.00 EUR - each next hour
100.00 EUR - 12 hours
150.00 EUR - 1 day



   bedding set- 4.00 EUR
    towel or sheet - 1.50 EUR / pc.
    broom - 3.50 EUR / pcs.

All prices without VAT.

From Monday to Thursday(including) we give 20% discount for Guest House. 

In the cold season (from 1 of November  till 31 of March) for groups  over 10 players - Special
offer - 2 hours of Guest House (with a bath) or the Rest House (near to playgrounds)!for FREE. The 3rd hour of the Guest House is 25.00 EUR, each next hour is 10.00 EUR. The number of rooms is limited, the advantages got persons who previously reserved the paintbal/lasertag/airsoft games.


Separate Rest house for player groups (near to playgrounds).

Very popular among our paintball park visitors is a separate Rest House for players directly
near to the playgrounds, - House for player parties. This heated small cozy wooden building with an area of ​​20 m2 with "military style" interior, with terrace and barbecue.
Inside of it, is a large table with benches, sofa and clothes hangers.
This house is great for groups of players to celebrate various events, such as birthdays
or corporate events. Here you can form the table, change clothes, leave personal stuff,have game pause, or have a snack and drink between “battles” in the close range to
“combat zones” (paintball fields). Only you will have access to the house, so no one
else will disturb you from celebrating your holiday. Also terrace has is a grill, where you
can fry kebabs or sausages, while your children or friends are playing.

Especially House is demanded in cold season and winter. It is very comfortable to warm
up near to the stove in pauses between games at the fresh air.

Therefore, please reserve it in advance.


The rental price is quite reasonable - only 40.00 EUR - up to 3 hours.
Then each next  hour  - 7.00 EUR. This ofer only for groups of players and their parties!


Special autumn/winter offer - Booking minimum 2 hours of VIP House or Sauna/Guest house, after your paintball/lasertag or airsoft game, you get 1 hour for FREE!


Picnic area:

From 25.00 EUR to 30.00 EUR - a canopy, a large table with benches and a BBQ. Only
for groups of players and their attendants, for the day of the game, until the end of the
Picnic places (to the left of the bridge) Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3 - 30.00 EUR
Picnic places (to the right of the bridge) Nr.4, Nr.5 - 25.00 EUR

All prices without VAT.

How to get here:

From the Riga ring road, in the direction of OGRE, - Tinuži, drive 4.6 km and turn off the
highway to the left at the Peintbola Parks signboard. You are at the place!



Informācija un pasūtījumi

Тel. +371 67291400, +371 27821000, 26485555
Kr. Valdemāra ielā 40, Rīga, LV-1010.