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Paintball prices at Citypaintball Entertainment Center


Game packages for one player

• Starting 9€ (100 paintballs for each player) up to 2 hours

• Standart 16€ (300 paintballs per player) up to 2 hours

• Super 20€ (500 paintballs for each player) up to 3 hours

 A bachelor party set with free bunny costume rental and a free picnic area with a large table and benches! 23€ (300 paintballs for each player + paintball grenade + smoke grenade) up to 2 hours

Children's holiday set with an original gift for the birthday boy (Jugland military badge) and a free picnic area with a large table and benches! 15€ (200 paintballs for each player) up to 2 hours

Children's holiday set with a paintball blaster and an unlimited number of balls + an original birthday gift (Military badge with the Jugland logo) + a free picnic area with a large table and benches! 17€ (with unlimited balls for each player) up to 2 hours Game duration 2 hours. For children and teenagers from 6 to 15 years old. Everything is included in the game set: overalls, protective mask, children's vest, gloves, game marker FIELD BLASTER .50 CAL, unlimited number of balls + original birthday gift (Jugland military dog ​​tag) + free picnic area with a large table and benches!

 Additional balls:

- 100 balls - € 4.00

- pack of 500 balls - € 15.00

- 1 box (2000pcs) - € 50.00

- more - call, agree :)

 The game packages includes:

Rental of a full set of equipment (marker, mask, balloon)

Entrance to playgrounds, participation in games. ·

Instruction and service from the attendants - instructors, referees, technicians. ·

Air refueling all game day. ·

Protective vest for women and children.

Paintballs depending on the kit.

Players play in their clothes. The paint comes off easily.

Overalls rental +5€.

 !!! On the grounds of the JUGLAND Paintball Park it is allowed to use balls and pyrotechnics only from the JUGLAND Paintball Park.

 Rental of individual items of equipment (for a game day):

- marker – €3.00

- mask – €3.00

- body armor - €3.00

- refilling the balloon with air (single) - €1.50!

When buying kits, additional gas refills are free of charge. Entrance to the site and participation in the game with your own equipment — €4.00

All prices with VAT

 Prices for laser tag (laser paintball)

1 hour - 12 Euro per player

2 hours - 18 Euro per player

Each next game hour - 5 Euro per player

The extension of the game is possible only if there are no other reservations for this time. Pre-booking is a priority.

Games are held for groups from 4 to 18 people.


Registration for the game by phone. 27 82 1000.